People for Affordable Livable Seattle (PALS)

With seven Seattle City Council seats up for re-election, this is a pivotal time in Seattle politics. PALS is a Political Action Committee created so those of us at the grassroots can support candidates committed to nurturing the livability and affordability of our neighborhoods.

Unchecked growth is adversely affecting our city.  Now, more than ever, we need elected leaders willing to rein in development and who are committed to adopting tools that help us preserve what makes our city special – its parks, open space, trees, historic buildings and neighborhoods, and what remains of our dwindling affordable housing stock.

Our intention is to support candidates that embody goals of affordability and livability for all Seattleites through:

1. Developer impact fees to pay for much needed infrastructure, such as schools, parks, and transportation.

2. Strong tree protections to improve air quality and livability and no loss of existing public parks and greenspace, unless replaced with “land of equivalent or better size, value, location and usefulness in the vicinity” (as per I-42 approved overwhelmingly by Seattle voters).

3. Strong tenant rights laws and anti-displacement policies to ensure developers replace any low cost housing they remove and prioritizing use of city funds to acquire threatened low cost buildings for co-ops and other forms of tenant ownership.

4. Protections and support for longtime small and legacy businesses that enhance the unique fabric of Seattle.

5. Adoption of new historic districts and other preservation tools to maintain neighborhood character and affordability in the face of growth.

6. Compassionate solutions for our homeless crisis, including dramatically expanding shelter options, services, and permanent low cost housing; someone who also knows that solutions are not found in more sweeps or criminalizing homelessness, but only when we stop removal of existing low cost units to upzones and runaway growth.

This is a grassroots effort that needs your support and contributions to create a successful road ahead.

Important Note: Political Committees do not in any way coordinate with the candidates and are not subject to donation limits, so please donate as much as you are able. Political Committees are required to provide regular reports identifying all donations. For amounts donated over $100, the donor’s occupation and employer’s name, city, and state also are required. A record of all donations to PALS and reports can be accessed at the State Public Disclosure Commission and the City of Seattle’s Ethics and Elections office.  Click donate above or checks may be mailed to address below.

PALS is co-chaired by Susanna Lin and John Fox. For more information, email us at or phone 206-581-6166. 

Paid for by People for Affordable Livable Seattle PALS, 4730 University Way NE Ste 104-1101  Seattle Wa 98105. To date, top five contributors are Judy Bendich, Seattle Displacement Coalition, Susanna Lin, John Fox, Nancy Bocek.

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